Cooper and Sophie’s Kitchen


Cooper and Sophie’s Kitchen is a family run business that is passionate about providing your furry best friend with wholesome all natural dog treats.  All our recipes are baked with love in small batches with simple ingredients and preservative free.



We started Cooper and Sophie’s Kitchen eight years ago after years of searching for the best treats for our dogs. Like so many of us it’s easy to grab a bag of treats at the pet store when you’re shopping, but we couldn’t bear to keep buying treats that had been sitting on shelves for months or longer and filled with unnecessary and sometimes harmful ingredients and preservatives. So began the journey into perfecting the dog treat!

Years were spent researching dog nutrition and experimenting with all sorts of wholesome ingredients including fruits and vegetables which are critical to promoting good health, until we found the perfect ones! We knew we only wanted to use all natural ingredients that were beneficial to our dogs.  Foods that were whole and minimally processed that are rich in nutrients that sustain and energize the body. No artificial flavorings or toxic preservatives added which are known to cause digestive issues and illness in dogs. Baking our own treats at home allowed us to provide the quality of treats for our dogs that we had been searching for.  We soon started to share our treats amongst friends and quickly realized we had created something very special.

In January of 2021 Cooper and Sophie’s Kitchen became official and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to share these healthy homemade hand cut treats with you and your dog. Our small batch baking allows us to keep our quality high and consistent and keep inventory low, which means every time you purchase a bag you can count on it being fresh.

At Cooper and Sophie’s Kitchen our attention to detail through every step of the process is thoughtful and intentional.  We love what we do and hope you do too!





955 Goffs Falls Rd #4402, Manchester, NH, United States, New Hampshire

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