Flying M Farm

Flying M Farm

Vendor since 2021

“Re-Wired” Farmer, Farmer Lee Miner of Flying M Farm, Fremont NH

I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and spent many weekends at my grandparents farm in West Newbury at the Flying W Farm. Their W was for Walker. Spending time with my grandparents, chasing geese, hanging out with the goats, and watching the sheep in the field it’s no wonder I caught the bug for farming. And the food!!! I grew up on goats’ milk and will never forget the taste of homemade boursin cheese. At home there were fresh eggs from the neighbor and home cooked meals from a huge garden. As I went through college and on to a career as a geologist I travelled extensively. Hotels were home and farming was always something I wanted to do some day… some way…

In 2005, Larry and I moved to NH and once again tasted fresh eggs. Up went the first coop and the seed of my second career as a homestead farmer. By spring of 2019 I bid a terrific career adieu and jumped into farming up to my waist where I enjoy a much different, but no less challenging life as a farmer.

Flying M Farm was formerly established as an LLC in 2018. The M is for Miner as in Larry and Lee. I am the farmer, the processor and the butcher and take pride in providing you with the highest quality poultry and rabbit meat with my very own hands. Larry takes care of me and everything else around the homestead so it works! What drives me is the joy of raising healthy happy animals who live out their natural animal life with minimal stress at the inevitable end. Believe us, happy and healthy animals are tasty animals.

Our approach to farming is to raise a little a lot. High frequency, low volume farm-raised chicken, duck, goose and rabbit. Small, but mighty… we are a homestead operation, but we’ve got what it takes to deliver the highest quality poultry… a nutritious garden to supplement an all-natural high-quality feed and on-farm abattoir where we are able to quickly and humanely prepare food for you and your family.

We were thrilled to be part of Candia’s inaugural year and look forward to seeing everyone in 2023! Come see us and learn where real food comes from.


Fremont, NH 03044

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Saturday, June 17, 2023
Saturday, July 15, 2023
Saturday, August 19, 2023
Saturday, October 21, 2023