2022 Policies & Procedures

The Candia Farmers Market, herein referred to as the Market or CFM, is run by a volunteer steering committee as a not-for-profit entity for the benefit of local farmers and the community.


Market Mission

The mission of the Candia Farmers Market is to provide an opportunity for local farmers and artisans to promote and sell their products, while fostering stronger relationships within the community.


Market Location

Smyth Public Library grounds, 55 High Street, Candia, NH 03034


Market Times

The Market will open for the 2022 season on June 18th and run the 3rd Saturday of every month from June through October. Hours are 9am – 12pm. Market reserves the right to adjust hours if it deems necessary.


Vendor Definition

Vendors are defined as those who plant, grow, and harvest food products in the local region, those who prepare baked, dried, frozen, or canned foods they have planted, grown and harvested, or those offering handcrafted items from raw products they have raised, harvested or purchased from local growers. All products sold must have been grown or produced in New England.


Vendor Space

Vendor space at the Candia Farmers Market is 10’x10’, on the grass. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tents/canopies, tables and chairs. Assistance may be available at times from volunteers to carry in and out but is not guaranteed. Once product is unloaded from vendors vehicle, all vendor vehicles should be moved to the parking area outback by school as directed by market team member. A sign naming the business/farm/organization is required. Those items purchased from other farms must be clearly labeled as such. No other advertising signs are allowed.


Space Assignment

The allocation of vending spaces shall be the responsibility of the Market Management Team. Vendors will be directed to their spot by members of the market team.


Vendor Set-Up and Close

Vendors need to be set up and ready for business no later than 8:45am. Visitors will be allowed entry into the market area at 9:00am and all vendors must begin selling at that time. No early breakdown prior to 12:00 pm

will be allowed. If you have an emergency and are running late or will be unable to attend, you need to make every effort possible to contact a member of the Market Management Team.


Vendor Distribution

A minimum of 60 % of the Farmers Market space is reserved for local farmers/growers, with no more than 20% of attending vendor space being allotted for prepared or baked products, and no more than 20% of attending vendors space being allotted for crafters/artisans. In all cases, preference is given to local vendors from Candia.



Each vendor is required to obtain their own state permitting and licensing as required by federal or state law. Please visit www.nh.gov/agric/index.htm  or www.dhhs.state.nh.us if you have any questions on regulations surrounding your products.

The Candia Farmers Market holds a permit from the Town of Candia to hold a market on town property. The Market will process vendor applications for town permitting as required per vendor. All permits, scale certifications, etc., should be displayed at vendor tables.


Allowable Items

All items sold by a vendor must be listed on the application and will be approved or rejected on a per-item

basis by the Candia Farmers Market management team.

* Farm products grown by the vendor:

fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, grains, legumes, nuts, eggs, honey and other bee products, maple syrup and other maple products, plants, cut flowers, livestock food products (includi ng meat, milk, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products) and wool.

Up to 30% of the produce sold by the vendor may be purchased from another local farm (not from a wholesaler or warehouse), with full disclosure to customers with a sign indicating where the produce was purchased.


*Value-added farm products, made by the vendor from products grown by the vendor or purchased from another local farm:

Any product processed by a grower from a farm product, such as baked goods, jams, jellies, canned vegetables, dried fruit, syrups, salsas, salad dressings, flours, smoked or canned meats, sausages, soap, lip balms and other forms of prepared products.


*Non-Farm product items, made by the vendor, such as, but not limited to:

Ready to eat foods, healthy choice cookbooks and other pertinent garden related items.



Produce cannot be advertised as “certified organic” unless it has been certified organic with the Department of Agriculture. A current organic certification must be attached to the vendor’s application and properly displayed at the Market.



Non-profit organizations will be allowed on a space available basis, after all others are accommodated, providing they meet the above criteria for sales of original work and adhere to local sourcing. Non-profits may be admitted for dissemination of information or education purposes. There is no fee. No political party organizations are allowed.



The Candia Farmers Market has general liability coverage for the public to attend the Farmers Market. A certificate of individual coverage and product liability or a Waiver of Liability (available on Candia webpage) is required and is the responsibility of each individual vendor. Town of Candia to be named as additionally insured.



In the event of emergency, accident, or injury, the town of Candia has a 911 system. Please also notify a member of the management team staffing the Candia Agricultural Commission Table.



Any vendor determined to be in non-adherence to the rules and regulations of the CFM, infringes on the right of other vendors, or acts in a dangerous manner as determined by the market management team, will be removed for just cause and may only be reinstated after a written request and review by the Candia Farmers Market Committee. Any violation of any health laws, in connection with the production or marketing of the members’ produce or goods, is prohibited.



No pets and no smoking will be allowed on the grounds of the Candia Farmers Market.


Code of Conduct

Candia Farmers Market wants to ensure that all our transactions in this common meeting space we share are safe, transparent, and exceed expectations for all participants. We want to ensure that everyone that participates in our markets, including our customers and vendors, has a pleasant and rewarding experience.



Candia Farmers Market is a carry-in/carry-out market. All vendors are responsible for the disposal of their own refuse and leave their space neat and clean as found. Do not load host trash receptacles with your unwanted product.



The Candia Farm Market is a rain/shine event held outdoors and each vendor is responsible for their own cover. If unsure of weather conditions in our location, please call for clarification. See phone numbers to call on the last page. Please make every effort to attend each market day you sign up for. If for any reason you must miss a day, please notify a committee member by Thursday of the market week if possible.


Violations and Complaints

Decisions by a member of the market management team made on the day of the market are final. If a vendor should feel that a decision is unfair, please put it in writing and the management team will refer it to the Candia Farmers Market committee. A decision will be rendered within one week and sent to you via email or in person.

  • Any complaint against any vendor must be directed to the Candia Farmers Market, 74 High Street, Candia, NH 03034, in writing.
  • Any conflict which arises between a vendor and a customer must be brought to the attention of the management team member staffing the Candia Farmers Market table for resolution.
  • When the Market Management Team determines that a vendor has violated any provision of these guidelines, a vendor may receive a warning, a temporary suspension, or expulsion from the market.
  • The Candia Farmers Market reserves the right to revoke the approval of any vendor’s application at anytime, resulting in expulsion of the vendor.
  • Rules are subject to change. Vendors will be notified.
  • On your application you are required to acknowledge receipt of the Candia Farmers Market Policies and certify that you have read and understand its content.

Candia Farmers Market Management Team Contact Information

Pattie Davis
Phone: (603) 483-2986

Melissa Madden
Phone: (603) 370-7060
Email: melissa@CandiaFarmersMarket.org