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We are Richard Ascolillo and Danielle Gomes of Back to Nature Farm. We started our small farm right here in Candia in 2022, with the intention of getting back in touch with our community and to live in alignment with nature.

 As we looked around we saw nature dissolving, and our society becoming disconnected from our roots. As the population increased and consumerism invaded the minds of all, we pillaged our forgiving planet. We began factory and monoculture farming, spraying pesticides into the land and destroying our top soil. The world’s Farmland, and the health of those who eat from it, have greatly suffered.

It is now up to farmers and consumers to correct the path we are on, and to feed the future in a sustainable manner. We believe it is not a privilege, but a right for all people to have access to affordable locally grown food. We know the key to this is working with nature, as a humble equal, by employing regenerative farming practices. On our farm every animal and plant plays a key role in the success of our farm. Each product you see has been selected to fulfill the needs of our small farm. We raise chickens for eggs, and the beautiful compost that their manure provides. We raise ducks for eggs, and their natural ability to control pests when allowed to free range. We raise geese because they are raised best on a one-hundred percent grass diet. In large numbers we raise quail, as they are a delicious and a sustainable alternative to chicken. Quail only require one-eighth of the feed that chickens do, in turn bringing down gas emissions from outsourced grain.

Here on Back to Nature Farm we also grow fruits and vegetables with equally as much passion. From a young age Farmer Rich grew vegetables in his garden, a tradition passed down by his family from Italy. Today he uses his natural green-thumb to grow heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, peppers, eggplants, watermelons, cantaloupe, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, scallions, mushrooms, cucumbers, garlic, spinach, kale, carrots, swiss chard, basil, winter squash, potatoes, sweet corn, pumpkins and more. Perhaps his favorite are his fig trees, a specialty that is hard to come by this far north. Each crop we grow is something that we personally enjoy using in our own kitchen. If you see us, ask about our favorite recipes. Some of which have been handed down through generations from Italy.

We are only in our second year farming and have high ambitions to expand our operation. Our next endeavor will be to add a flock of sheep for both meat and wool. It is our goal to be able to feed Candia and all of our animals right from our own land. Today our power lies in where we shop. By supporting our farm you make it possible for us to continue expanding, and to continue feeding New Hampshire the right way. Our community is stronger together.

You can find us on Facebook at Back to Nature Farm and on Instagram at @backtonaturefarm_. Or visit us at our farm stand at 613 High Street for fresh meat, produce and eggs every weekend.


613 High Street, Candia

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