Cora Hillside Micro Farm

Vendor since 2023
We are Will and Victoria a husband-and-wife team that started our small urban farm, Cora Hillside Micro Farm in 2020.  After moving to NH in 2018 looking for a simpler life and some space we realized we wanted to learn more about being self-sufficient. While trying to figure out how that would work with our busy life’s we realized Will had quite the green thumb. We originally had a small garden in our back yard which has slowly graduated to our entire front yard. As we learned more about fruit forests and permaculture we couldn’t seem to get enough. That’s when Will decided he wanted to take a stab at growing Micro Greens. He did tons of research to learn about how to grow them, what they would taste like, what they could be used for, where to get the best products and seed, and their health benefits. For the last three years we have turned what started out as a hobby and a way to provide for our family into a labor of love where we are able to provide delicious products to our local communities. Though we are not certified organic, we take pride in our products by using organic practices.
Here at CHMF our customers can find that our Micro Greens and Fresh Eggs are offered year-round. We have both chicken and duck eggs and an array of Micro green choices including sweet pea, rambo radish, spicy salad mix, sunflower, and broccoli. Though our micro green menu can change the choices listed are favorites that often stay on the menu. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months we offer other fresh produce. We enjoy the growing process as well as knowing we are providing our customers with fresh organic greens at a reasonable price.
We both continue to work full time jobs and grow our fresh products in our free time and have really enjoyed the experience of meeting other farmers through learning. Will continues to work as a machinist in Plaistow and is able to extend our services in that area. Victoria continues to work as a social worker in Manchester.  On the farm we have 35 chickens that lay us a variety of colorful eggs, 2 Great Danes, 2 playful cats, and an iguana. To say we are busy is an understatement but that’s just how we like it! We look forward to sharing our product and our journey with you!



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