New England Wagyu

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New England Wagyu is a vertically integrated cattle and beef enterprise. The New England Wagyu cattle herd is built upon 100% DNA verified Wagyu cattle that were originally exported from Japan beginning in 1975.

With a true farm to table process, our feeding program is specifically tailored by a Wagyu nutritionist. Our herd is raised as stress free as possible on our pastures with rotational grazing and feed supplementation. The cattle are then processed in our own USDA Federally inspected processing plant. Our vertical integration allows us the unique opportunity to maintain complete control of our cattle from birth to processing.

Full-blood Wagyu is produced from 100% Wagyu genetics
with no evidence of cross-breeding with other breeds.
100% Wagyu is the highest quality beef ever.

From the Owners Sam, Diana & Huckins:    “Our journey with the Wagyu breed began with the purchase of two steers to provide beef for our own personal consumption and to share with friends and family. We were very concerned with the meat quality and wanted to ensure that our animals were raised and cared for with our highest demand of husbandry. Our friends and family enjoyed the meat so much that we decided to expand our farm and processing capabilities, with the care for the animal being of our utmost concern. Ultimately the care and handling of the animals led us to the purchase of a USDA Federally inspected processing plant to ensure the animals’ last day was as humane as possible.”


536 South Barnstead Rd.
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