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Nature and being present in the moment have been the core inspiration for all of Brittany’s art from painting and drawing to photography and video. She grew up inspired by artists such as Claude Monet to Bob Ross which ultimately guided her path in attending and graduating from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA in 2012 where she had the freedom to explore a broad range of mediums and self-expression.

Her passion for everything outdoors and appreciation of living in the moment are a major driving force behind her art. Focusing on the connection of the mind to the body, she puts the ‘hand’ back in hand-made. She gets to the root of her creativity by using experiences, memories, and emotions bloomed from nature and mindfulness to paint on the natural material of wood. 

Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind; a personal and therapeutic healing process from the initial inspirational spark to the finished product. She believes the key to attracting the right things at the right time into your life stems from awareness, authenticity and openness. Sharing her journey with the community, it brings her joy to see which pieces resonate most with her organically growing audience.

When she is not creating art, you can find her looking for her next adventure, exploring and hiking in the woods or mountains, kayaking or paddle boarding on the lake, singing and dancing to music, cooking vegetarian meals, practicing yoga, or enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with stillness when outside or at home with her cats.

She is always interested in expanding her like-minded community, so please feel free to connect with Brittany for custom work or simply to chat.



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Saturday, October 19, 2024