Barkalicious Treats

Barkalicious Treats

Barkalicious Dog Treats, LLC

Est. 2021

Cara and Stanley Karpinski

Being a dog lover and having three dogs of our own, we decided to open a small business that makes preservative free, human grade dog treats. We have a 6 1⁄2 year old mini Australian Shepherd named Chewie, a 5 year old mini doodle named Buttercup and a rescue Aruban Cunucu named Lexi who will be 1 this year.

Being new to the New Hampshire area, we did not have any contacts or even know how to get our products to potential clients. We did our research on how to start this type of business, we sent our treats to be analyzed by a lab and then registered by the Department of Agriculture. After that long process, we found a really great local farmer’s market where we could sell our treats and they seemed to be a hit! We have since been approached to join other markets as well as pop up events.

We understand that the market is flooded with many different types of treats, but we felt we were not getting the quality that our special pups deserved. Our dog treats are made with real meat, real food and baked with eggs from our own chickens! Our treats are large, so they can easily be broken up and given on separate occasions. They store well in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks or can be kept frozen for a few months. We also recently started making specialty dog birthday cakes. Even the frosting is dog safe!

One of our biggest sellers is our chicken jerky. We slice fresh chicken and marinate it in our secret (dog safe) marinade and then dehydrate to the perfect consistency for that chewy, delicious texture. Even us humans like it too!

In the near future, we would love to expand to small local shops that carry artisan items. My hope is to share our passion for what we do to a larger target area. Thank you Southern NH for such a wonderful response to our preservative free dog treats! We hope to see you soon at a farmer’s market near you!

Order online: (we offer shipping)

Instagram: @barkalicious.treats

Porch pick up in Londonderry NH or free local delivery within 15 miles.

Swallow Ridge Farm

Swallow Ridge Farm

Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company is located in New Boston, New Hampshire. The artisan cheese crafted here at Swallow Ridge Farm is produced from raw milk collected from local area family farms. Milk is tested for antibiotics at each collection and again at our factory. The factory is inspected regularly by the New Hampshire Department of Health. Peter studied cheesemaking at the University of Wisconsin and founded the State of Maine Cheese Company in Maine where he produced cheese for 16 years. His latest adventure in cheesemaking began when he founded Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company, built a small artisan cheese facility here on the farm and has been making cheese since 2020.
At Swallow Ridge Farm Cheese Company, we produce small batches of artisanal cheese using quality raw whole milk from small family farms located here in New Hampshire. Local, fresh, raw cow’s milk, salt, cheese cultures, herbs, spices, and enzymes from around the world are the only ingredients. No animal rennet is used. All of our cheeses are aged a minimum of 60 days. The aging enhances flavor and texture of our cheese. No artificial flavors, no animal growth hormones, and no antibiotics will be found in our cheeses.

We use old world methods to produce our cheese in Copper and Stainless Steel vats. We make all of our cheese in 10 pound wheels using special cheese forms from Holland. Our modern cheese factory is inspected and licensed by the State of New Hampshire.

We currently produce about 14 different kinds of cheese, some in small batches, others in larger batches. We do not have all the cheeses all of the time, as some will be aging and not ready for sale. We do hope you will try our available cheeses and are sure you will enjoy your selection.

Thank you. Peter B. Kress, cheese maker.

Fresh Start Farms

Fresh Start Farms

Fresh Start Farms is a collective brand for immigrant and refugee farmers participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Program, a program of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success. We work alongside new American farmers to bring farm-fresh ingredients to your table via neighborhood farmers markets and stands, wholesale, and our FarmShare and Fresh Start Market. Farmer Fadumo and her daughters have been with us for three years now.  They always have a wide variety of vegetables to choose from.

603 Perfect Blend

603 Perfect Blend

We are a family owned, operated and commercially licensed tea and spice business based out of Manchester, NH. Owners, Heidi and John Piotrowicz are the ones you will most often see behind the table but each family member has a key contribution to the business. Behind the scenes, our 21 year old son, Zach, is our Marketing and Social Media expert. Our two daughters, Emily 15 and Madison 11, are also important members. Emily is our Barista and loves to come up with different ways of serving our tea and you will find her helping to serve up samples and tea by the cup at the summer markets. Maddy is our Bookkeeper in training! You will find her helping to log in sales and learning important math skills like making change! This is truly a family involved business! Our family moto is do what you like and like what you do!

We are passionate about helping individuals find a healthier and more flavorful beverage option for daily consumption that they will enjoy. We encourage and educate people on the benefits of our many different tea offerings while helping them find the “perfect blend.” Whether it’s the perfect cup of tea or the perfect spice blend for your day-to-day cooking or special occasion. We currently offer over 40 different tea blends and a large variety of family favorite spice blends and rubs. New varieties are being added regularly based on customer feedback and requests. We have something for everyone’s palette!

Providing excellent customer service and products with the freshest, highest quality ingredients are our number one priority. Whether you visit our booth at a local farmers market, craft fair or expo we want you to leave feeling welcomed, anxious to try our products and come back for more! We want you to feel like a member of the 603 Family!

We offer shipping within the United States.



I grow seasonal flowers alongside nature, so they are environmentally and pollinator friendly. Fresh picked blossoms available for your own arranging or our casual garden inspired bouquets.

Each new season presents new varieties of blossoms, colors, and scents. Spring begins with Hyacinth, Narcissus and over 25 different varieties of tulips which bring a spectacular display of color, a welcome delight after the grays of winter. Closely followed by Anemone, Ranunculus, Peony and Garden Roses, some of the fanciest flowers of the whole growing year. Summer brings on a boutique of annuals and perennials which are available until the end of September. During the fall, I use my own dried flowers to create everlasting bouquets and wreathes.

In 2016 I retired from my corporate job to care for my elderly parents, both with varying degrees of dementia. It is during this part of my life that I started planting flowers around my yard. I had vegetable gardens in the past, but never really dabbled in flowers. The more they bloomed, the more obsessed I became. At some point I read an article about people who were actually selling cut flowers, and thought to myself, win-win! Like all other farming, it’s hard work, thankfully I’m just a farm-girl at heart and I like to play in the dirt.

It all began in the fall of 2018, I planted 1600 tulip bulbs and made plans to grow annuals in 6, 4’x75’ raised beds. This experiment, to see if I could actually grow and sell flowers, was successful. I started to sell arrangements from a small kiosk in my yard. I learned a lot that first year. In January 2020 I signed up for Floret Flower Workshop, and that was the start of “B. Blossoms”. Although I’m not certified as organic, I use organic practices. I’ve expanded to high-intensity growing on 1/10 of an acre, and now have a small high tunnel to extend my growing season. My big plans for this year are to heat the tunnel and have tulips, ranunculus and anemone blooming from Valentine’s Day through May.

Always remember, beautiful flowers make people happy…