Sweet River Farm

Sweet River Farm

“We are Jon & Angie Hoxie, the farmers behind Sweet River Farm in Deerfield NH.  We are a small farm focusing mainly on raw dairy products although we also raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats and pigs. We raise our animals as close to natural as possible leaving our calves on their mothers to nurse naturally.  The cows give us less milk this way but to us it is the only option and being a small farm it works for us.

We are known for going against the grain in our farming practices and free range and intermingle our animals on our farm as soon as they are old enough. Raising chickens in tractors, cows in paddocks and pigs in small fenced in areas would be a lot easier but we tend to follow our hearts and farm for God.

We have a farm stand in our barn which is known as being a bit of a hidden gem here on rte. 107 in Deerfield. When you walk into our barn you will often be greeted by a moo-ing cow, squealing pigs and our sweet goats who’s retirement job is now being farm stand people greeters.  In our farm stand you will also find a small lending library with books on homestead, farming or just books our farm friends enjoy and want to share with others. We are passionate about teaching people where their food comes from and hold on farm classes on butchering, milking and canning.

We are looking forward to sharing our raw dairy products at the Candia Farmers Market this year and can’t wait to meet you!”

When our cows are in milk we sell raw milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, kefir, chicken and duck eggs. We also sell local items in our farm stand such as maple syrup, honey, coffee, tea and baked goods.

Our farm stand is open daily 7am to 7pm Sweet River Farm

Appolo Vineyards

Appolo Vineyards

Appolo Vineyards was the first New Hampshire winery to be recognized as a sustainable craft beverage business. This veteran owned business, established in 2006, is on a mission to grow grapes in New Hampshire without using pesticides. Our 1.5 acres of grapes, about 1,500 grapevines, is planted with varieties able to grow here without the use of pesticides. From these grapes and grapes from other vineyards we produce award winning grape wines – dry, sweet, white, rosé, orange, and red food-friendly wines. We also produce a range of sparkling wines and a port style dessert wine. Our dog friendly patio, #thecrushpad, is set in the middle of our no spray vineyard where you choose the wines during wine tastings curated by our highly trained staff. Reservations are required. We also host private events and cater off-site events.


Mike AppoloOwner-WinegrowerAppolo Vineyards
Cora Hillside Micro Farm

Cora Hillside Micro Farm

We are Will and Victoria a husband-and-wife team that started our small urban farm, Cora Hillside Micro Farm in 2020.  After moving to NH in 2018 looking for a simpler life and some space we realized we wanted to learn more about being self-sufficient. While trying to figure out how that would work with our busy life’s we realized Will had quite the green thumb. We originally had a small garden in our back yard which has slowly graduated to our entire front yard. As we learned more about fruit forests and permaculture we couldn’t seem to get enough. That’s when Will decided he wanted to take a stab at growing Micro Greens. He did tons of research to learn about how to grow them, what they would taste like, what they could be used for, where to get the best products and seed, and their health benefits. For the last three years we have turned what started out as a hobby and a way to provide for our family into a labor of love where we are able to provide delicious products to our local communities. Though we are not certified organic, we take pride in our products by using organic practices.
Here at CHMF our customers can find that our Micro Greens and Fresh Eggs are offered year-round. We have both chicken and duck eggs and an array of Micro green choices including sweet pea, rambo radish, spicy salad mix, sunflower, and broccoli. Though our micro green menu can change the choices listed are favorites that often stay on the menu. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall months we offer other fresh produce. We enjoy the growing process as well as knowing we are providing our customers with fresh organic greens at a reasonable price.
We both continue to work full time jobs and grow our fresh products in our free time and have really enjoyed the experience of meeting other farmers through learning. Will continues to work as a machinist in Plaistow and is able to extend our services in that area. Victoria continues to work as a social worker in Manchester.  On the farm we have 35 chickens that lay us a variety of colorful eggs, 2 Great Danes, 2 playful cats, and an iguana. To say we are busy is an understatement but that’s just how we like it! We look forward to sharing our product and our journey with you!
Without Borders Design

Without Borders Design

Nature and being present in the moment have been the core inspiration for all of Brittany’s art from painting and drawing to photography and video. She grew up inspired by artists such as Claude Monet to Bob Ross which ultimately guided her path in attending and graduating from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA in 2012 where she had the freedom to explore a broad range of mediums and self-expression.

Her passion for everything outdoors and appreciation of living in the moment are a major driving force behind her art. Focusing on the connection of the mind to the body, she puts the ‘hand’ back in hand-made. She gets to the root of her creativity by using experiences, memories, and emotions bloomed from nature and mindfulness to paint on the natural material of wood. 

Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind; a personal and therapeutic healing process from the initial inspirational spark to the finished product. She believes the key to attracting the right things at the right time into your life stems from awareness, authenticity and openness. Sharing her journey with the community, it brings her joy to see which pieces resonate most with her organically growing audience.

When she is not creating art, you can find her looking for her next adventure, exploring and hiking in the woods or mountains, kayaking or paddle boarding on the lake, singing and dancing to music, cooking vegetarian meals, practicing yoga, or enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with stillness when outside or at home with her cats.

She is always interested in expanding her like-minded community, so please feel free to connect with Brittany for custom work or simply to chat.

Barkalicious Treats

Barkalicious Treats

Barkalicious Dog Treats, LLC

Est. 2021

Cara and Stanley Karpinski

Being a dog lover and having three dogs of our own, we decided to open a small business that makes preservative free, human grade dog treats. We have a 6 1⁄2 year old mini Australian Shepherd named Chewie, a 5 year old mini doodle named Buttercup and a rescue Aruban Cunucu named Lexi who will be 1 this year.

Being new to the New Hampshire area, we did not have any contacts or even know how to get our products to potential clients. We did our research on how to start this type of business, we sent our treats to be analyzed by a lab and then registered by the Department of Agriculture. After that long process, we found a really great local farmer’s market where we could sell our treats and they seemed to be a hit! We have since been approached to join other markets as well as pop up events.

We understand that the market is flooded with many different types of treats, but we felt we were not getting the quality that our special pups deserved. Our dog treats are made with real meat, real food and baked with eggs from our own chickens! Our treats are large, so they can easily be broken up and given on separate occasions. They store well in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks or can be kept frozen for a few months. We also recently started making specialty dog birthday cakes. Even the frosting is dog safe!

One of our biggest sellers is our chicken jerky. We slice fresh chicken and marinate it in our secret (dog safe) marinade and then dehydrate to the perfect consistency for that chewy, delicious texture. Even us humans like it too!

In the near future, we would love to expand to small local shops that carry artisan items. My hope is to share our passion for what we do to a larger target area. Thank you Southern NH for such a wonderful response to our preservative free dog treats! We hope to see you soon at a farmer’s market near you!

Order online: barkalicioustreats.com (we offer shipping)

Instagram: @barkalicious.treats

Porch pick up in Londonderry NH or free local delivery within 15 miles.